Dog Wash Sink: Tips before Buying

What is your feeling when people say that your dog is stink. Feeling so sad and so bad, right? Actually, it’s so natural if you find your dog is rolling around or running in the mud. It’s still natural if a dog is swimming in unclean pond. It becomes a matter when your dog comes over to visit home, the dog’s smell is spreading everywhere. To prevent bad smell is spreading to entire rooms and the dirt stick in carpet, dog’s bed, and any furniture, the only solution is by washing your dog in proper dog wash sink.

You probably wash your dog more often to keep him cleaning. But there will be problem if your dog is the big one. Big dog is tough to get into dog wash sink. It is impossible if you bring your dog to pet station only for being washed properly. The best solution is you’ll be better if you have your own dog wash sink. There are some ideas of dog wash sink available in pet care shops. But before you buy one, here are some important points to consider.
First, add a mudroom incorporated with your new dog wash sink.

A mudroom is the best spot for installing a dog wash sink. You can add this space in back or side door of house, so your lovely dog can be washed directly after entering the room through this spot. You will never see your dog’s muddy paws on floors.

Second, complete the wash sink with handheld shower head or sprayer. It will make you easier to clean your entire parts of dog’s body. Third, prepare higher floor circling the wash sink to prevent the water stream out of sink area. As the dog owner, you know that the dog like to shake off their body after being washed. As the result, the water makes you and surrounds getting wet. But, by creating higher floor that can stand up the water, other areas around the sink will keep in dry. An elevated dog washed sink is so recommended for small dog. Why? It will make you comfortable when washing your cute and little dog.


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