Don’t Know How To Makeover Your Small Balcony? These Ideas Will Inspire You

small balcony design a couple of egg lounge chairs with round throw pillow and yellow throw blanket shabby runner Pinterest

When summer arrives, spending the hours in the balcony is a fun experience. In this spot, you can always enjoy your morning coffee or tea with the loved ones while inhaling the fresh air from the open space. But what about the small balcony? Is it cozy enough to do this? It doesn’t matter if you have just a small balcony; you can transform it into the coziest and most favorite one. Really want to what the coziest balconies look like? Here, we’ve collected some to you.

small balcony design a couple of egg lounge chairs with round throw pillow and yellow throw blanket shabby runner


We start from the furniture choice.  Egg lounge chairs are perfect for small balcony. They’re stylish and comfy. Add a round throw pillow to each chair for more comfortable seats; also add some linen like this yellow throw blanket for a dramatic look. Shabby runner here looks good for a vintage touch if you really like something worn out and old look.

Fill your tiny balcony with the greenery for fresh and inviting look. Furnish the space simply with a couple of egg chairs and a DIY side table. I really love the brick walls and heavy metal finish; they bring an industrial style in modern look.

modern minimalist balcony modern stools in black and white movable coffee table


Designed in modern minimalist, this tiny balcony idea is just furnished with a couple of modern stools and a movable coffee table. Black and white really meet what the modern wanna delivers through this space.

For larger balcony, L-shaped bench with back sounds recommended as it can accommodate more users, so it’s perfect for summer party. Complete this furniture with wooden coffee table and jute runner for a rich texture.

Minimalist and simple, this small balcony is completed with light wood window shutters for a zen and natural look. Just need a corner chair and side table; this space will be the favorite spot for escaping from the daily activities.

This is another modern minimalist balcony idea with glass windows. To make the space interesting and fresh, the designer adds a line of potted greenery protected with ornate metal panel. One of the wall sides is the textured wood panel garnished with the greenery on the shelves. The furniture, in addition, are gorgeous and modern, finished in gray and supported with wood tripod legs.

Mini garden on small balcony. This is a good idea especially for you who love lots of houseplants in your favorite corner of home. A reclining chair with green cushion here adds a harmony, defining a fresh and natural touch in this open space.

small apartment balcony midcentury modern chair with throw pillows wood shelves for greenery


Simple yet so inviting, only consisting of a midcentury modern chair and some wood shelves for greenery. This corner, of course, can be perfect spot for reading or just relaxing the body and mind.

Create your own favorite spot only with such a fun hanging rattan chair. This would be the most relaxing spot when spending your evenings after work.

I personally love the wall decal presenting the modern patterns that’s visually contrasting with the whole interior. The hanging chair here is the perfect furniture option to make the space looks larger.

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