The Advantages and Creative Use of Over the Door Shoe Holder

Over the door storage is one effective solutions for storage in small spaces. Some advantages of over the door storage are free space, extensive storage, portable, and quick installation. Take an example of over the door shoe holder. If you have limited wall space in your room because of large windows, it can be a good solution to put over the door shoe holder. It is suspended from door top and rests against door face. Thus, you do not have to use the wall and your floor space is free. Besides, it can accommodate several items. Some over the door shoe holder models can house 36 pairs of shoes. In addition, it can be moved and unfastened easily from one location to other location according to your need. Moreover, over the door shoe holders are lightweight and easy to install.

For over the door shoe holder, it has another advantage. You can use it creatively for organizing other things. You can hang an over the door shoe holder for your laundry room and use it to sort all the cleaning supplies. It also perfect to use it for stowing hats and gloves or use it for storing markers and other art supplies. You can use it for your first aid kit, too. It is great way to ensure that your first aid kit is always within easy reach. Over the door shoe holder can also be used in your kid’s room to store fashion dolls or other small toys. Even, you can use it for camping trip.


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