Double Chaise Sectional Sofas: Type and Finishing

Do you really have stylish living room furniture? Talking about the living room furniture, there are many options of furniture provided by the furniture suppliers. It’s just your turns as the home owner to select one matched your living room interior theme. One of living room furniture sets usually placed in the living room is double chaise sectional. This furniture has special characteristic, particularly on their shape.

Double chaise sectional furniture is pretty perfect to small room like small living room due to its shapes. L-shape, U-shape, round-shape, and corner double chaise sectional sofas allow you to have more space for other features or decorative furniture in a living room. The size also varies: medium and large size of double chaise sectional sofas.

Then, the finishing covered this kind of sofa consists of several options: expensive leather, soft cotton, and many others. Interestingly, there are sofa products, including double chaise sectional sofas, supporting cat’s paw resistance finishing. They must be the most wanted one by the pets lovers. With this special finishing, sofa doesn’t get ruin due to the cat’s pawns. Leather, cotton, and other finishing require different maintenance. Compared to leather, cotton is easier and lower in cost. A leather-finishing double chaise sectional sofa needs more intensive maintenance and pricier than other sectional sofas.

Double chaise sectional sofas look perfect if you complete them with square coffee table and customized-color carpet. You may also add some decorative pillows as the focal point to your living room furniture.


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