Double Sided Gas Fireplace: Warmer, Unique Room Divider, and Interior Accent

Add a unique double sided gas fireplace as a great interior accent to your room. This is a great idea to break up the large space and to maintain visual and light flow between the space. There are a lot of options of double sided gas fireplace sample products you can choose to garnish your room. Attractively, as a room warmer, double sided gas fireplace effectively gives the warmth to all over the room space.

Most of double sided gas fireplace units are constructed with the pieces of glass panels as the fireplace’s walls. The glass panels give highly value of elegance, modernity, and simplicity, so such fireplace quietly perfect for a modern or minimalist home designs. To glass panels are commonly completed with frames made of metals, solid woods, or even concrete. Glass panels are the finest and most expensive ones. They are apart from radiating heat of fire and maintaining the light spread across the space. If observed in much more details, a double sided gas fireplace with glass panels offers best inspiration, especially for those loving an ultra modern interior.

For a traditional home, double sided gas fireplace becomes a stunning focal point since you will find the only one interior item with its modern look. It will be so gorgeous if you add more fireplace accessories such as the real log set plus a fire grate nearby. About the fireplace, most of gas fireplace (either for double-sided, triple-sided, or multiple-sided gas fireplace) are supported with platinum infused that can make glowing embers and enhancing the fire.

The following gallery shows some designs of double sided gas fireplace may want to see. The designs are various in model, size, shape, and specification. For more details, just check the designs below.


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