Dream of Stylish yet Functional Home on Low Budget? Get Inspired by These Modern Low-Cost Home Designs

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When we just have limited budget to own a dream house, we’re often think that we won’t be able to possess a stylish and beautiful living space, but now everything could be possible. In fact, most small houses are commonly cost-efficient and they can be designed more stunning and appealing with the right style, design, and of course material. Interestingly, many home designer and architects do the plan and design with a bit innovation and creativity.

Today, we’re gonna share 10 inspiring cost-efficient homes for those who need to know how incredible low-cost homes can be afforded without forgetting the style and coziness. Let’s check this out.

Yes, this house looks so expensive but actually it’s cheap. This modern construction is designed in wood pallet materials. To make this living space much more durable and sturdy, the whole wood packing pallets are made waterproof, so indeed they need special treatment.

This mini house is built from mixed materials of wood, steel, and concrete. Of course, it’s promising! With low budget but creative approach, you can turn your less money into such a luxurious & comfy modern home. And the most interesting thing is that you’ll get the best view without spending much money.

With affordable materials used, this little house’s truly cozy and visually interesting. The designer uses red cedar for these two-storey construction and galvanized aluminum for the roof. The roof is designed as same as the old pitched roof model which is popular in traditional house trend in England.

This is called a micro home. The limited space isn’t a barrier to add some functional areas, and with a brilliant and right idea, the designer really meets what should be put in this little construction. When exploring the interior, there are a hidden bedroom, small seating nook, and mini kitchen. Awesome! Very large glass windows with floor-to-top curtains really add value of modern style.

Ultra-modern home – the designer puts interest on exterior physical look (exterior facade), model, and materials. Interior contains two bathrooms and three bedrooms which are designed for those needing a comfy living space. About the exterior, the whole facade is constructed from gabled roof and wood covered with concrete boards. The designer also chooses opaque front look with oversize cuts on top for a large skylight – enabling the natural light steams over the interior courtyard. Inspiring!

This concrete-blocks house is built based on the owner’s needs and the whole construction is made inexpensively by using cheap yet good-quality materials. The house consists of two-storey construction containing complete functional spaces such as dining space, living space, bedrooms, and bathroom. The ground floor has full-height glass windows clearly looking out the side-yard, while the first floor is completed with narrow & tall glass windows that freely allowing the natural light accesses the whole space inside.

Cost and space-efficient house – This unique building uses laminated plywood material for the basic structure and then the architect uses best galvanized iron to cover it all. With such layered structure, the house can be claimed as the durable and sturdy one although it’s built on low budget. In the ground floor, we also find an angled-entryway that directly leads us to the living room. Fabulous!

The design performs both affordable and sustainable. It’s showed by the solar panel use that exactly provides large amount of power for overall electricity needs. The solar panels are brilliantly covered the rooftop, perfectly acting like other common roofs. For durable and stylish exterior, the architect selects fibre concrete boards with damage-resistance, and soft pink is chosen for stunning look.

A Japanese architect has built an earthy house with timbers as the main material. Local material and tropical climate become two basic reasons why the architect prefers timbers to other kinds of affordable materials. Basically, this house uses compressed local timber blocks for walls and local coconut wood & teak for roof. Also, there is a movable wood screen dividing the room – an adaptable feature to any functional uses.

Sourced from Dezeen, the architect wanna concern on lightweight steel use combined with concrete for longer stability. The construction uses concrete as the foundation and lightweight steel (for both lattice walls and house’s frame) for exterior.

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