Dreamy Spots For Home You’ll Never Wanna Leave

side table with round shaped fibre cement top and steel legs Behance

It must be fun if we have a dreamy home furnished with fantastic and comfy furnishing pieces supporting our daily life. There’re so many options of furniture products have created to provide us the best ones for home and each design is made to meet each personal style. In this site, you’ll find some dreamy spots of home definitely will make you inspired to have one. The spot will be supported with functional, practical, and stylish furniture piece totally relevant with today’s trend. Have you been curious about the ideas? Let’s start to see one by one in more details.

Minimalist in light tone – the space looks so comfy and simple. All interiors are clean lines and modern look. The basic materials like concrete and solid wood are involved, really showcasing modern rustic style. There is also a little bit industrial touch obviously brought by the accent lighting rightly above the sofa.

The coziest reading nook ever. Here, you’ll feel calm and positive nuance, triggering a positive vibe and mood. Feel the solitary live for a while in such place. The slanted roof makes the space just needs a single floor cushion.

An oversized pendant lamp here acts like a direct statement in this dining room, while the emerald green on velvet upholstered chairs brings elegant and classy look, easily making you to not add any ornate pieces.

Create your own private spot and furnish it with such a modern and comfy chair. Sierra Chair is supported with thin steel frame that absolutely fits any natural and light-tone complementary item like this crisp white cushion. When the chair is placed in light or white interior space, it definitely will be a beautiful contrast, or even an instant room statement.

A side table with fiber cement top and steel legs. The whole design reflects modern style, practically suits small space both indoor and outdoor. The texture on top adds the motif accent simply gives visual and textural focal points.

May be said this is the most unique seating set, recommended for the brief meeting with working partners or just the ordinary seats for having fun chat. Each seat is completed with metal feet-stand, so you will keep comfortable during elaborating your projects. More interestingly, you can set the seat’s distance against the other seats. The less-distance seat surely will make each person intimate. Creative!

industrial chair with heavy metal frame and fluffy cushion in gray


Need industrial appeal for your living room? This industrial chair might be the best option. The chair has heavy metal frame plus fluffy cushion for comfy seat. Gray is chosen to give cohesive tone to existing industrial interior.

Inspiring minibar for home. With ultra-modern and antimainstream design, both table and stools furnish the space, creating the direct focal points only through their artistic shape. The table is built from solid wood directly attached on wall, making it simpler and more practical. The stools are supported with sturdy wire base, at glance it shows modern industrial vibe as well as aesthetic issue.

So simple but comfortable – this is actually a reading nook purposely designed as ‘window’ nook. Yes, it looks like a window with small-size cushion and some throw pillows addition. All walls are wooden but not the back wall of nook. It’s the concrete finish coated with crisp white paint. This idea of course provides you high privacy when settling yourself with favorite books.

Slanted roof, small space – optimize such space for a fun and cozy room like a reading nook. Large glass window and right painting color are important to turn the space into a well-lighted one. Also, be ready to furnish the space with space-friendly furniture sets like this small bed plus cushion/ mattress and a small side table for books. Really sure that this spot will be your next favorite spot where you can spend the hours just for reading. What a dreamy place!

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