Dresser for Closet Ideas for Small Homes or Apartments

Dresser for closet is a type of clothes closet organizer which consists of the drawer system to keep and to organize the folding clothes. There are some models of such drawer system: a dresser with rod on top and a dresser with shelf on top. But to accommodate much more storage space, a dresser now is employed some more rods and shelves. Three or four storage boxes are added to optimize the storage space.

Dresser for closet is commonly made from solid wood finish. Clear and colored coats are two options what kind of coat applied on the dresser. Clear coat gives the natural look of the material itself (the color is the wooden color itself), while colored coat gives different color schemes from the original color. Both coats are favorite and can be matched any room design.

You must be more selective in selecting a dresser for closet idea for your small living space (home or apartment). There are several important things to consider before buying it. About the size, for instance, choose the effective-space dresser for your small home/ apartment as the storage system. White-colored one is perfect for such living space as it can create the larger visual effect to your room. Add practical storage units that can be placed in remaining space of the dresser, such as the storage boxes placed on top of dresser.

You can also support your dresser unit with more additional rods which are attached beside and upper of your dresser. Well, here we present some designs of dresser for closet which have little modification to enlarge the storage space. We hope these designs inspire you to have such ones.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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