Best Dressing Room Decoration with Various Styles

Where you usually spend your dressing time at home? Do you simply change your clothes in the bedroom, or you may have kind of ritual to select the wardrobe first, and then you have to mix and match the outfit before you wearing them. Yeah, it must be different from one individual to another one, but the thing is that your fashion look is important to define who you are. Therefore, having a nice and well organized dressing room is a must!

There is no need to place the pantry in a certain single room because inserting the design into your bedroom is possible. Yeah, a retro style dressing room looks cool to peep out from a small recessed wall aside the bedding. In this room,blue is the domination with floral pattern and of course vintage look!

Another idea is a bit more modern with natural wooden storage to load the wardrobe. It is well crafted into several slots with different specialization. Therefore, there are the storage for clothes, shoes and bags in different style and shape. What do you think?

Placing your dressing room in a super narrow spot is also great, and to have a banquette beneath the window is optional to give you comfortable seating during the wardrobe selection.

A simple modern dressing room offers your the greatest style of open storage to hang your wardrobe. It fit your loft bedroom with red brick siding applied. The ladded installed makes antique and unique feeling in the room.


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