Creative Decoration of Driftwood Mantels

In your house, you may have a fireplace. A fireplace must be completed with a mantel above it. The mantel is used to place or put something like decoration. Thus, there are so many mantel designs that can be applied on your fireplace decoration. In this case, we take one design as a sample which is called driftwood mantel. Driftwood mantel is kind of mantel which is made of wood with original design.

The first sample can be seen in the picture, there is a fire place with rock wall concept and has nice simple driftwood mantel. This mantel seems taken from a real wood without any change. The tone used is still the real wood coloration. It is put above the fireplace also it has several stuffs as decoration such as a big photograph, sun flower, and two glass jars. You may put other stuffs on this mantel. You can put you clock, case, and etc. Or you can have such a nice mantel with natural green leaves design. This mantel showed in the picture is made of some woods.

Then, above the mantel there is a round mirror which is decorated and forming a leaves wreath. You really like such a modern stuffs like television. In this case you can also put your television on the mantel. However, you have to make sure that the mantel is strong enough for the TV stand. And there is other concept which is very traditional and classic. It is not just the mantel which is made of wood, but the fire place frame is also made of wood. This idea is the best idea for classic home decoration.


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