5 Styles of Drop Leaf Dining Table for Small Spaces

Drop leaf dining table for small spaces becomes pretty solution for scarce spaces. This set of dining furniture offers comfort seating. It suits as the seating guest which is placed in small dining room. There are 5 popular styles of drop leaf dining table and each style offers different function and beauty. The top five styles of drop leaf dining table are transitional, country, Georgian, Duncan Phyfe, and Elizabethan.

Drop leaf dining table for small spaces with transitional style applies combination between the traditional accent and contemporary influence. This style works well for any home interior designs. Such kind of table is also flexible in function. You can fold it when you are going to set it down in a small space or you can open it in fully size if needed.

Drop leaf dining table for small spaces which is designing in country style gives warming and welcoming sense to anyone staring at. Country furniture is always timeless feel. This style is commonly characterized by rustic accents and fresh decorative plants/ flowers. The clean and natural lines of wood become the next special characteristic of country style drop leaf dining table.

Next popular style of drop leaf dining table is Georgian. This style actually uses mahogany as the main characteristic of this style. Mahogany has special feature which is then claimed as the Georgian-style’s feature. Georgian style is so elegant. The most attractive thing from this style is that it brings an old-world-sense. Do you know the old English style? That’s right, Georgian style looks so perfect for traditional-style home. So, we can conclude that Georgian-style drop leaf dinging table suits much a traditional-style home.

Duncan Phyfe and Elizabethan are two last styles offered by drop leaf dining table designers. Duncan Phyfe is so identical with the Victorian-Era. You’re perhaps very familiar with Duncan Phyfe. He is the most popular cabinet maker in America. He has created neo-classical American furniture sets. Different to Duncan Phyfe, Elizabethan originally comes from England (16th century). The main characteristic of Elizabethan-style drop leaf dining table is its double size that offers us large space. The materials used to build Elizabethan- drop leaf dining table for small spaces are oak, walnut, and cherry woods.

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