Wooden Concept of Drop Leaf Dining Table

If you do not know what drop leaf dining table is, The writer would love to share it to you. Perhaps, so far you just know that dining table is just common dining table with casual concept. However, there is another dining table design which is very wonderful and most people call it as drop leaf dining table. Why do they call it as drop leaf dining table? because some part of the surface can be folded down. For more explanation, you would rather read this article and see some of the pictures.

Let us start from a white drop leaf dining table with nice concept. This dining table showed in the picture is for placing some dishes stuffs like food, plates, and etc. This drop leaf dining table can be expanded bigger by pulling up the folded board on the left side and on the right side. This drop leaf dining table is actually quite small. Drop leaf dining table has four legs with a bit larger foldable board surface. So, you can expand the folded board up to get larger size.

Some of those dining table concept are made of wood. The other sample in the picture has very nice original wood made concept. This drop leaf dining table is very classic, but wonderful. For the shape, you may have drop leaf dining table with square shape and round shape. This expandable table is very attractive to be placed in your house. When you need a space, you just need to fold the table, then you can expand it back. This nice dining table concept is perfect for you who like such a unique table design.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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