Drop Leaf Sofa Table: Large or Space-Effective Do You Need?

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Drop Leaf Table With A Pair Of Drawers In Vintage Look
Wood Drop Leaf As Workstation  A Chair With Pure White Cover
Large Wooden Drop Leaf Table Animal Skin Rug In White A Rattan Box Storage A Table Lamp With Glass Stand And Light Brown Cap Map With Black Frame Hang On Wall
Vintage Drop Leaf Sofa Table Design With Wheels And Drawers
Black Coated Wooden Drop Leaf Table A White Couch As Entertainment Center Furniture Set A Chair In White Textured White Rug A Pair Of Unique Chandeliers A Built In Media Cabinet With Shelves
Shabby Chic Drop Leaf Console Table Made From Wooden A Pile Of Old Covered Books A Cool Candle Holder A Chair With Brown Leather Seating
Round Drop Leaf Table With Single Leaf Made From Solid Wood A Pair Of Wood Chairs With Grey Cushion
Glossy Brown Coated Drop Leaf Table With Double Leaves And Textured Legs
Glossy Dark Brown Coated Wood Drop Leaf Table Idea
Rustic Wood Rectangular Drop Leaf Table Design

Drop leaf sofa table is attractive and high value. Many people are being attracted to have this for their home. This type of table varies in use and it is so versatile. It is not only more than one purpose, but it is also full of purposes. Even more, it has better value than other types of table.

Now let’s compare the point pluses of drop leaf tables and other tables. A drop leaf sofa table has a pair of hinged sections/ leaves that can be folded/ dropped down as the main characteristic. These leaves/ sections are placed between the center sections. At glance, this table is identified similarly as a gate leg table. Yes, both look so identical, but actually they are different. The difference is that a gate leg table has leg for each leaf.

Drop leaf sofa table is very functional. It also only takes small footprint in a room. That is why this table is best choice for a small room which is usually found in small apartment. It is also good idea to use this table as decorative furniture for corner space. In addition, the table is flexible in size. Just pull the leaves out and instantly your small drop leaf table will transform into a larger table for more users. In extra large size, you can use this table as oversized dining table for party, extra workstation for project, and so on.

An extra-sized table is always needed for any uses, but to storage and to organize the big one, it is a big problem. A drop leaf sofa table is a smart solution for you because it’s compact, so you can store it quickly and easily. Vintage and modern are two options of style you can choose if you want to go shopping this table.

Reference: www.apartmenttherapy.com

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