Eclectic House Interior Design – Valuable Idea to Refer to

Usually, different person deserves different type of interior in the house. yeah, everything is likely to mirror to the owner taste, so he or she could live comfortably like in his or her own castle. Talking about interior design, there are so many things that people should aware of. Yeah, they are the things related to the detail, decoration and of course the feeling or the atmosphere. Here, I gladly present you several pictures of eclectic house interior design that are perfect to add your reference!

It is not that luxurious house in two storey or three storey, but it is elegantly appearing in single storey with chic look and nuance to enjoy. It is just appealing to draw the discussion from the back of the house. narrow space with sliding glass door that open the wide access to the kitchen and backyard.

Welcoming right after the door is slided is the dining space that looks enchanting with white painted chairs around the rectangle wide table. It sticks into the kitchen that also makes the dining set as the island. However, there is still bar table where you can summon some friends to enjoy some glasses of wine!

Leading to the small living space is the narrow path with oak wood framing, and welcoming on the way is the red leather couch beneath the bay window helping you to opt the day view outside the house.

Perplexed in rustic idea is the living space with unfinished concrete fireplace mantel with green arm chairs standing before it!


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