Artistic and Beautiful Electric Hurricane Lamps

Hurricane lamps offers interest into any side table, whether it is electric or for a candle. Then, if you decide to have electric hurricane lamps with artistic and beautiful design, here are some list of the products.

The 1973 Hurricane Lamp is made by Quoizel. It is a vintage item from the 1970s with three way lighting features. It has floral design with warm colors. Another vintage item of electric hurricane lamp is from 1960s with charming Victorian flair. It has pink roses and pink trim of the design. It includes clear chimney top and base light.

The Vermont Lanterns brass table lamp will offer elegance and charm to any room. This electric hurricane table lamp is crafted after classic oil burning lamps and made of solid brass. The lamp stands 19’ tall with frosted glass chimney, while the diameter of the shade is 9’. You can use 60 w candelabra bulb. Besides, this electric hurricane lamp can be a perfect blend between forms and function since it is being fully operational in classic style lighting. It is also available in various electric models.

The Electric Hurricane Lantern Red Converted Kerosene Oil Lamp can be another option for you. It is a handmade item with durable metal body, removable glass chimney, and plastic materials. It features a black 8’ cord and a rotary switch. The height is 12 inches that can be placed on the nightstand. The splash color and rustic charm of this red electric hurricane lamp will spice up your room with romantic and warm feeling.


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