Elegant Extra Long Console Table

Why do you think that you need a console table in your house? Console table as we know that is has function for placing home accessories to decorate the room. It is kind of additional table for completing the furniture. Most people use casual console table at their home, but in fact there is another console table with extra long design. Writer would like to show you some elegant extra long console table for your living room decoration.

Extra long console table can be put over the wall at a living room. This console table is used for placing a table lamp. Photo frame, flower, and etc. You may see in the picture that show a long console table which is not too high enough. This console table is made of wood and has four legs. This extra long table looks so amazing with some nice stuffs on it. another concept of extra long console table has nice design with unique concept. it is showed in the picture, a table with curved legs. The table has five legs, with additional leg at the middle of the table.

The other concept of long console table has classic design. This extra long console table has wooden made concept with original classic coloring. Using additional layer surface at the bottom, you may put extra stuffs under the table such as books. This console table is different from the others, this one has small drawer design. unlike the other console table which uses small tiny design and has six legs. This console table has nice old brown coloring with classic design. it is used for placing table lamps.

Moreover, there is another extra long table with modern concept. This console table has very typical design which is mad wood with large two legs design. The stuffs on the table are also special, such as modern unique table lamp, and another stuffs around the living room for decoration.

Reference: www.houzz.com

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