Creating a Tidy and Enjoyable Living Room in Your House

A living room becomes a place where all family members gather. Various activities are conducted there, such as watching TV, reading, chatting, and more, so it must be comfortable. However, it is usually messy with many items spread everywhere in most of the times. Here are some tips for you to create a neat living room without much effort.

To keep all scattered things, of course, you need storage in the living room. Nevertheless, if you just put many cabinets or boxes in the room, it will create a smaller space and it limits the activities within the room. Therefore, you have to be creative in making a hidden storage. The simplest thing to do is selecting bi-level furniture. Coffee table and side table with additional lower shelf can help you to store books, newspaper, or magazines that your family usually read in the living room. You can imagine how messy your living room will be if your children or guests just put the books on the table.

Another idea is storage ottoman as you see in the picture below. Disguised as a chair or coffee table, this hidden storage will surprise your guests. Besides giving a stylish value to your living room, your children will certainly like to tidy their toys in the ottoman because they just need to open the top. However, if your kids really love playing in the living room and bring most of their toys, rolling storage is the best solution. After you clean all the chaos, you only need to bring the wheeled basket back to their room.


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