Express Your Modern Retro Style with This 80s Interior Design

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Probably some of you really love old-school style for home and yes there are so many options of old-look decorating style offered to you. One of the most recommended ones is 1980’s interior decor style. Thanks to Pinterest, the site where we can find so many choices of 1980’s decorating style. You just pick some you love the most and apply them to your home redecorating project.

Murals Wallpaper has provided the best wallpaper products inspired by 80’s trend. Bold-colored and geometric are the signature of the style and you can implement this in your small seat area like this one.

The style also highlights shabby-chic look as the main manifest of 80’s. We all know that shabby chic means soft-colored/ pastel and shabby-look. The furnishing pieces are commonly painted in white or natural wood color with ‘rough’ finish to give a vintage appeal. This is called 80s country style.

One source says that 80s interior decor is completely rich – including the metal usage as the accent that highlights more on curve and angle points, making this surprisingly looks timeless (that’s why most of such kind of metal accents could easily integrated into today’s interior trends).

A 80s modern means less yet significant – minimalist space could produce a large visual effect just by using something reflective such as chrome, mirror, or glass. To reinforce a modern look, you need to select gray that could be unified with any other pops of color. You can also pick white as another best alternative of modern color hue. As noted, just choose the right light fixture (it’s better to choose the contemporary ones) to keep the space modern.

Again, 80s decor style means geometric dominance, but this one showcases a fearless form and color. Geometric patterns are definitely found in textiles, furniture, and even the tabletop treatments.

What’s about the ornament? 80s interior design lovers say that Art Deco has revived in 1980s. Yes, angled and curved shapes are the primary trends, but 30’s arches are showing their big contribution; we call this a 80s Deco. We can claim curved ceramic vases, rounded wall mirrors, and rounded furniture are just the few of 80s Deco manifests.

Different with 80s Deco, 80s Southwestern spotlights the soft colors like mauve, peach, and turquoise as the prominent shades. The style also includes the origins of American patterns as the next signatures.

Eighties traditional is the style inspired by the real 80s interior design. This is a condition presenting a lot of 80s brands or pieces for home. Most of them are antiques or other pieces that are less cut-edge, less lifestyle, and etc.

Most of Laura Ashley’s products are presenting a 80s country style that obviously concerns on some particular color shades (dusty blue and mauve) and flower motifs.

The whole series of 80s-inspired interior designs clearly hit the recent trends. Modern Geo, for instance, focuses more on unique & striking shapes. In addition, the style also celebrates the mixture of some materials such as metal, wood, marble, and leather. These materials are expected to produce a sleek look.

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