Felt Storage Bins Offering Stylish Storage for Your Home Decorations

A storage bin functions not only as storage for storing thing in your house, but also as the accessories for your home décor. There are various beautiful bins that you can choose to be decorated in your décor such as presented in the following pictures.

The felt storage bins in the following pictures are mostly handmade; that’s why the designs of the bin are unique and creative. There are some stores that will produce the felt storage bin based on the costumers’ demand. Thus, you can order the storage bin in which the size and the design are based on your need or your own design.

The basic material of this storage bin is from felt materials which are available in various colors such as grey, black, and so on. The felt material is an eco-friendly material made of linen, cotton and synthetic fabric.

You can decorate this felt storage bin in your closet or shelves. Don’t worry that the shape of this bin will change as this storage bin keep in its shape although it is empty. Yeah, the material used for this felt storage bin is thick and stiff enough.

The design of this bin which is minimalist yet sophisticated is very suitable for any home décor such as in a bedroom, kitchen and so on. Moreover, it can also be a good gift for your friends and family. Sweet!

To take care of this bin, you need to shave this bin regularly by using a shaving machine for clothes. About its durability, the felt storage bin stays durable for years. So, go get this cute storage bin!

Reference: www.allmodern.com

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