Gorgeous Feminine Bedroom Style That Will Complement Your Home Decoration

Designing bedroom is not merely to provide a cozy place to rest your tired body but more than that, you should consider about its aesthetic function so that you will have more than what you need. Giving special touch to the room can invite more comfortable feeling especially when you can express your style. The idea of creating feminine bedroom style might pop up from your deepest thought because you only need to playfully combine two or more color scheme in one room.

Feminine bedroom style becoming more and more popular because it can provide relaxed ambiance since the shades are varies. This kind of style usually has pastel backdrops which allow other elements to shine with brighter accent. For instance, you may have neutral backdrop such as soft blue and contrasting it with turquoise or other hot colors such as refreshing green.

If this option is not good enough in bringing the feminine vibe, wallpaper with flower motive can be much more interesting. In providing relaxing feminine vibe to your room, playing with shape and texture is very essential. Therefore, classic furniture from Victorian era style might become the best option to provide traditional and modern combination at the same time.

If you don’t like the idea of overtly feminine room, you can still place furniture that can bring more neutral theme. Unique scone with silvery shades will make the room less feminine and most importantly it can provide adequate lighting that can make your room more elegant and not too dramatically feminine. Bringing fresh potted plant can be a great idea because it will remind you to back to the nature.

reference: houzz.com

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