Find New Inspiration of Rattan Furniture to Add Charm to Your Home

rattan chair with cushions and throw blanket 91 Magazine

When talking about rattan furniture, we’ll automatically say that they’re authentic and have character. Based on physical design, they own special texture and flexible to form in different shapes. More interestingly, rattan furniture often becomes the feature of particular home decorating styles especially Boho and Scandi. Well, if you are interesting in rattan furniture pieces and wanna try to add them to your home, here are ten inspiring ideas of rattan furniture I recommend to you.

Take a look at the rattan chair, it’s simple yet stunning by design. It seems so comfortable and inviting with a throw pillow addition. Potted plant here visually fits the chair. They’re great statement makers in this corner space.

Rattan shelving unit can be a perfect alternative for stylish and functional storage option. Unlike solid material like wooden, rattan is easier to shape, so we can create any shapes based on our needs.

So stunning and looks so comfortable. The chair is supported with the cushions for more comfort. This idea of course is recommended for a small sitting area where you can relax and enjoy your day. Also available for both indoor and outdoor seat options.

Get a new experience in your bedroom by replacing your conventional bed with such a adorable rattan bed. It’s cool to try out as it can give you Boho trend to your bedroom.

Get bored with the conventional dining furniture and need the new one? Just try such a genius idea: mix dining furniture with rattan finish. Rattan dining chairs here obviously enrich the existing natural elements like wooden material and vivid plants.

If you need a bit of Boho accent to your most favorite spot, a rattan hanging chair sounds interesting. It’s a perfect option for informal sitting area where you can sit and relax while reading your favorite books/ magazines.

Rattan daybed obviously offers a new experience to relax yourself. With vividly colored cushions, accent pillows, pouf, and area rug, the space is visually trendy and so inviting.

Installing the ornate wall mirrors becomes one of the instant ways to make the walls interesting. Without these ornaments, crisp white walls look boring.

It’s a great idea to furnish your kids’ room with such adorable rattan bed frames. With rattan, you can make a customized design based on your personal taste. The headboard, for instance, can be creatively shaped in unique look. Complete the bed with best bedding quality for ultra-comfort and style.

low profile rattan stool cabinet with woven door panels African art inspired wall decors


Rattan furniture like this rattan stool is on trend today and of course it can be automatically an accent piece for any rooms.

Rattan bistro chair by Urban Outfitters. The furniture is supported with sustainable materials like organic wood and rattan accent. It seems to be perfect as a modern Boho focal point in any rooms.

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