How to Get the Proper Fireplace Mantel Height for the Sake of Safety

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Fireplace Mantel Height With Natural Stone Veneer Mantel And Wooden Mounted Shelf And Tv On Top Plus Comfy Chairs And Unique Coffee Table Plus Sofa
Stunning Fireplace Mantel Height In Bedroom With Plant And Flat Tv Screen Plus Wall Scones On Wall Decoration Above The Fireplace And Comfy Brown Armchairs
Simple And Modern Fireplace Mantel Height With Golden Framed Pictures On Wall Decoration And Wood Storage And Greereny For Home Interior Ideas
Modern Fireplace Mantel Height With Sunburst And Hardwood Floor Plus Woods In The Basket And Rug Together With Bookshelves Behind
Fireplace Mantel Height On Brick Wall With Flat Tv Above The Fireplace And Rug On Floor Near The Kitchen Island
Simple Fireplace Mantel Height With Glass Fireplace Door And Flat Tv Screen On Wall And Glass Windows Plus Soft Flooring For Living Room
Fireplace Mantel Height With Metal And Flower Vase Unique Table Lamps And Painting On Wall Decoration Plus Marble Flooring And Pretty Rug
Fireplace Mantel Height In Wooden With Attractive Ceramic Tiles And Mirror On Tops Decorated With Wooden Cabinets And Tile For Floor
Tall Fireplace Mantel Height With White Wooden Mantel And Granite Greenery On Top Plus Golden Candleholders And Framed Picture On Wall Decoration Plus Comfy Sofa
Medium Fireplace Mantel Height In Modern Style Built In Wooden Cabinet Combined With Christmast Tree Ornaments And Comfy Armchairs And Rug Flooring

Fireplace can be very useful for u to get our body keep warm when the winter season or cold weather is coming. In addition, it can present visually impressive effect that will make your home interior warm and interesting.

If you have a plan to decorate a fireplace in your home decoration, you have to think about the significant thing how to build a fireplace in your house. The main reason is that the mistake in building the fireplace can cause an unexpected thing like wildfire. Thus, you have to be careful in selecting the material that you gonna use for establishing the fireplace.

Moreover, you have to think about the fireplace mantel height for the sake of the safety. Yes, it is very important because the proper fireplace mantel height will allow you to have secure fireplace in your home decoration. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the fire protection in your fireplace. Follow several tips in this article to get more information about how to install proper fireplace mantel height.

First, you have to measure the height of fireplace mantel at least 12 inches from the top of the fireplace for fire protection. It can be dangerous if you have less than those distance, especially if you have a wooden mantel which is easily burned.

For further details, you can check one of the pictures in this article to make out the standard measurement for fireplace as fire prevention based on the national standard building code (NSBC) guidance.


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