The Ideal and Perfect Fireplace Mantel Height

Fireplace mantel height needs to apply properly to prevent unpleased incidents related to fire burning. Fireplace mantel installed too close to the firebox has the potency to fire hazard. It will be more dangerous if the mantels are made from wood or other materials that are easily to burn. So, it is so important for you to make sure that you have chosen and installed the fireplace mantel perfectly. It will be better if you ask the expert to install it when you are going to install a new fireplace mantel. Then, how much the ideal height for fireplace mantel?

The ideal fireplace mantel height is minimum 12 inches from the top of fireplace opening. Mantel depth (the distance between the wall and the mantel’s most front edge) will affect the placement. The experts suggest placing the fireplace mantel 6 inches deep to be installed 15 inches above the chamber of combustion. The height also needs to be increased 17 inches upper the 8 inches-depth chamber.

Lifting up the wooden legs seems to be constructed to support the fireplace mantel height. The legs are commonly used as the structural or decorative components mounted under the mantel. The legs height should be minimum 6 inches away from the firebox. In addition, the distance among the legs must be equal to the legs depth. For example, the old legs have 3 inches for the depth (between the wall and the front of firebox).

The safest distance should be minimum 9 inches deep from the firebox. It is aimed at preventing the sparks strike the wood legs. So, it will be safer to lift up the wood legs of your fireplace construction. To get detailed description about the ideal and perfect fireplace mantel installation, the following are some pictures of fireplace mantel height.


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