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Cool Floating Wood Media Center With Large And Flat TV Screen Two Floating Wood Storage
Dark Stained Wood Floating TV Console In Rustic Style A Grey White Fury Rug For Floor Darker Wood Planks Flooring A Very Large Flat TV  A Frameless Photograph
Modern And Functional Floating Media Center With Book Shelf In Most Bottom And Open Shelves For DVD Player In Upper A TV Set
Wood Floating Media Center With Black Glass Door Storage A Flat TV Screen A Pair Of  Indoor Planter Boxes
Minimalist Floating Wood Media Console With TV Set A Porcelain Vase For Beautiful Flowers A Table Lamp Floating Wood Shelf For Decorative Items
Wood Floating Media Center With Wood Wire Doors And Open Book Shelves A TV Set A Ball Shaped Table Lamp A Pile Of Books Wood Floors
Modern And Minimalist Floating Media Console In Dark And Shiny Wood Staining A Wall Mount TV Set A Large Glasss Vase And Green Plant As The Decoration
Minimalist Media Center Idea Wit Open Shelving Units For DVD Player And Other Supporting Media Devices Pure White Carpet For Floor TV Set In Flat And Large Size
Modern Floating TV Console With Full Black Glass Door And Dark Stained Wood Decoration A Wall Mounted Flat TV Screen
Modern Minimalist Floating TV Console In White Finishing A Flat TV Screen Floating  Open Shelves For Books And Decorative Stuffs  A Room Divider  Some Indoor Plant Table Stands

A media center plays important role for a room that has been used as an entertainment center. A TV set actually not only can be found in a family room or an entertainment room, but it can also be found in a living room.

To support A TV set placement, it is required a media center. TV set plus other entertainment media such as DVD player, audio system, projector device, etc will be organized perfectly in this console. A floating media console is only one of those types of media consoles/ centers available in the furniture stores. What makes it so special?

Well, a floating media center is special used only for modern living room, family room, or entertainment room. But when it is placed in non-modern interior designs (such as traditional/ classic, rustic, or other interior designs), it will be something different and also be a focal point for the room. As it is claimed as modern room maker, you must also be careful how to select TV set and what way of TV set installation. Modern furniture will look so gorgeous if it is supported with modern items placed near the furniture. So, it can be said that a modern floating media center is for modern style media (like TV flat screen).

About the installation, there are two ways of TV set installations to strengthen the modernity in a room. First way of installation is by mounting your TV on wall. This way of installation will create an illusion that your TV is also floating like its media console. Both TV and console look so elegant, modern, and luxurious without being annoyed by the existence of electrical cords and anything else related to electric stuffs. Second way of installation is by standing the TV set directly on top of media center (ordinary media installation). But such installation is rarely done for modern interior style.

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