Solve the Flooding and Leaking Basement with the Easy Methods of Floor Waterproofing Basement

What can you do to give extra protection to your basement in order save it from a basement leaking or flooding? As you know, the basement is very susceptible place for water flooding and leaking because of the position which is under the ground level. This situation forces you to pay more attention to the construction of the basement so that an undesirable moment does not occur in your basement.

Besides the foundation and wall, the floor in your basement also needs to be protected so the water does penetrate to the basement which will cause basement leaking. The good solution which you need to give a try is performing floor basement waterproofing such as you can see in the pictures in this article.

First way to deal with your floor basement waterproofing is by painting the floor with a sealing waterproof paint which is sold in home decoration store. This method is very easy to be applied so that you can do it by yourself.

For the further steps, you need to clean up the floor area and vacuum it because the sealing paint will not work properly if you do not clean the floor basement. Therefore, ensure that there is no dirt left on the floor to get the proper primer and waterproof paint application.

Then, you can apply the first primer before the basement floor paint to get more satisfied result. Remember that the primer needs to be dipped off before you set off to the next step and don’t forget to let it dry first. Now, you can apply the paint by reading to the instruction first.


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