Floors On Trend 2019, Vinyl Be The Most Favorite

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Are you looking for the tiles to revive your floors? You need to consider the best tile products to coat your home’s base and also think about the different finish for different rooms in your home because each room has different type of tiles to lay in.

Wooden floors is identical with several values such as tough, timeless, and natural, while laminate floors are more less durable. For bedrooms, it’s better to cover the floors with carpet for warmer and visual purpose (subtle and dramatic look), while a charcoal tile looks so bold and rich, easily making a statement in room. Whatever you need for home flooring, we’ve collected the latest trend of floor finishes; hopefully this list will help you in giving new references and inspiration related to flooring. With this, you’ll never fail to make a right choice.

Parquetry is just one of the most recommended tiles for flooring. Visually, it’s stylish and easy for mobile, so it’s well recommended for traffic areas like hallway, living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. This chevron laminate flooring, for instance, is in oak-toned, delivering natural vibe.

Extra-large area rug will be able to cover an open-space. This kind of floor treat is also the best option for warm and soft sheet that invites you to walk in with bare feet.

Oversized tiles in earthy tone offer a stunning look for both indoor and outdoor. The surface exposes a beauty. Generally, this kind of flooring works perfectly for minimalist home decor idea.

Concrete flooring idea, a perfect option for exotic and beautifully dark floor treat. Visually, concrete floors offer more benefits like durability, low-price, and low-maintenance.

The combination of vinyl, cork, and concrete. This kind of flooring comes in various colors and finishes. Vinyl dominance offers a timber-look, while concrete with accents is a little bit similar to terrazzo.

For updated look, vinyl tiles with vintage geometric sticker will do it for you. The tile installation of course will cover up your old tiles, making a new and fresh surface in your room. Its floral motifs deliver natural vibe that indirectly will create a calm and relaxed atmosphere.

Concrete-like vinyl flooring. It looks like the actual concrete. The basic features like tone and texture really duplicate the concrete, giving you the best alternative for cheap, durable, and easy-to-maintain concrete-like floors.

Whitewashed finish is often used to add naturally warm yet clean, so it’s perfect for minimalist home.  It’s also stylish and inviting.

Best vinyl flooring that looks like the real timber. I love the natural patterns beautifully designed with regular shape. Because of water-proof and durable are the main reasons why this kind of flooring is so recommended for all wet areas like bathroom.

If you are looking for a cool and stylish flooring, vinyl with a wide range of motifs, colors, and sizes, of course offers you so many options for home flooring. Like this chevron-patterned vinyl flooring visually designed look like natural timber. Look at the floors, it’s so stated.

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