Free Standing Towel Racks

After you take a bath and use your towel, that wet towel is not recommended to be placed back inside the cabinet. Wet towel should be hanged on towel racks. Wet towel is very potential for bacteria to grow, that’s why we should hang it for drying it. Towel racks are dryer tool in your bathroom. Towel racks come with two types, first is wall mounted which is installed on your bathroom wall, second type is free standing towel racks.

Which one of towel racks type that you need to use? For some reasons, it is suggested to use free standing towel racks. First reason is the capacity. Wall mounted towel racks can’t be use for more than two towels, they are limited. Free standing towel racks are designed more capable for many towels, so it is perfect to hang all of your family towels on it. It is called “free standing” so you can easily put it or move it anywhere inside your bathroom.

Free standing towel racks are best with one small shelf on its bottom part. You can put it all new towels which is already folded on that bottom shelf and then hang the wet towel on the top hanger. Most of towel racks are iron with grey color which is very elegant. You may choose other color like gold to be matched with your contemporary bathroom.

Don’t forget to divide your towel racks properly. Lower hanger is suitable for your kids towel because it is easily for them to reach. And other part above it should be perfect for adults towel.


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