Fulfill Your Dream Home With These Furniture & Interior Ideas

tentlamps with porcelain bead for balance Pinterest

As human beings, it’s normal to have a perfect life including owning someone to love, having a homey living space, fun job, etc. Talking about the homey living space, it’s relative to define. Each individual can specify what a homey living space looks like; commonly it’s based on the individual personal style. Like some ideas of designs we wanna share to you, the ideas are taken from the hottest trends of home designs that fit most people’s interest & personal style. Just check this out; maybe some fit your need and taste.

Feels so homey and warm; the space is fully dominated with wooden element designed in clean lines and simple. There are some large-sized glass windows perfectly providing a big amount of light and nicest views at the same time. Inner part is supported with round-shaped colorful rug for Boho touch.

The space is designed in ultra-minimalist style but the designer involves the basic material, particularly organic wooden, as the primary structure. Wood element here of course sends natural warmth visually seen from the tone, texture, and scent. The bathtub and standing steel faucet are good fixture options for modern look. Brilliant idea to combine these values.

Midcentury modern coffee table for vintage look. It’s always nice to add something decorative as well as functional like this piece of furniture. The coffee table offers double-function as the common coffee table and as the storage solution (especially for books or magazines). Darker finish coated the whole parts of table seems elegant and ‘mature’, making the piece so stunning without overpowering other tones of existing elements.

Concrete tiling system sounds interesting to try if you really want to transform your home into quite different one. Concrete tiles are cool and barely expose a bit rough surface, giving a typical texture when your feet are stepping on it. I also personally like the tone; so natural and unique, acting the nicest base for such a artful wicker pieces.

Light and bright bathroom idea with minimalist style. The space merely consists of concrete bathroom countertop and basket under counter for storage solution. The most interesting part is the exposed beam idea in which the beams really perform visual warmth as well as giving a bit rustic appeal to the space.

Timeless & sophisticated bulbs – designed with super-sturdy glass lampshade and rich metal details (particularly the chains), this interior lighting fixture offers you an elegant lighting piece that visually acts as a room statement.

Tentlamps – the physical design is inspired by Moroccan light fixture that definitely gives a typical character of Moroccan design. The tentlamps are supported with large-size porcelain beads functioned as the weight for balance. The inner part is movable (can be moved down and up) based on need. The tent-like shade can help to set up the light proportion.

The furniture options are minimal, intentionally being matched with the interior facade simply displaying crisp white-finish wall and a single large-size glass window. This is a proof that simplicity can bring an inviting and sophisticated atmosphere to the space.

Simple, clean lines, and modern – these values are marked by all midcentury modern furniture pieces including these two side table. The style commonly exposes some typical characteristics such as angled and pointed leg model, clean lines, simple, and functional.

If you really like a custom-made furniture set, probably this console table will be your next inspiration. There are two main parts of storage space consisting of cabinetry plus drawers on top and open shelving unit for display. The overall design expresses a midcentury modern look (obviously can be described from the physical appearance).

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