Fun Home Tour: Get Inspired with This Pacific Northwest-Style Interior

ultra soft toned bathroom light wood floors white wood plank walls modern white bathtub black wood chair Coco Kelley

In this home tour edition, I had an opportunity to show up the coolest interior ideas perfectly captured from a fancy, lovely, and comfy house located in San Juan Island. All interiors are dominated with soft textures and tones; some parts of them are made in organic style. Some designer says this is an actual Pacific Northwest style that slightly seems like a combination of the beach-home and farmhouse with soft-toned wood dominance. Well, join me to know more about the style. I hope all interior ideas will inspire you.

Natural tones just welcome you through this hallway. Here, cream tone becomes the primary hue to give a warm feel. Sometimes the crisp white doesn’t work well with the condition when the winter comes. It feels cold, so cream is the right choice.

This house is also filled with the layers of organic textures obviously taken from the nature (especially the sea and forest). You can clearly spot them in any parts of house.

The exposed wood beams and shiplap walls are lovely. Although the house is a new building, it looks old because of the beams and walls.

Stoned walls are everywhere, remainding us of the old Seatle. But with the soft monochromatic oak finish, I see a bit of modern touch on this.

The wall decor is lovely, giving the space a new textural color hues without distracting the existing tones. The wicker chair also attracts me effortlessly. Its gloss wood color-like coating really makes it so stunning and looks so natural.

Sometimes adding some pieces of old-fashioned furniture and accessory is an instant way to enhance an old look. The bench seat with back and flat woven mat are the examples.

This spot is also the most favorite. It presents a new Pacific Northwest style decor as it uses the organic textures. The chandelier just stole my heart.

Furnished with the bunk beds, this bedroom is classic and simple, specifically designed for the kids or the visiting guests.

I love this bathroom, particularly the floors. The light wood finish delivers a zen-feel, adding much of comfort. I think the fixture choice is perfect, visually matching with the flood of cream and white hues delivered by the floors and walls.

Still dominated by cream, this master bedroom looks so cozy and modern. Starting from the bed treatment product to interior facade is clean look and minimalist. There’s just one pop of color, the blue, that gives the most striking look to this bedroom.

What a fancy angle! The patio can be amazingly accessed only from the area where the daybed sits on.

This is another bedroom I’m really obsessed, too. Blue velvet duvet cover is able to add a direct color accent, making this spot really stands out instantly.

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