The Useful Tips for Furniture Shipping Quotes that You Must Know

When you are going to send your furniture via shipping, you have to notice several things in order to ensure that your furniture will be delivered safely to your destination. There are several tips for you how to ship furniture securely.

First of all, you have to call the shipping company to get furniture shipping quotes to the destination that you wish. There are several trusted shipping companies that you can choose and contact to deliver your furniture such as UPS or FedEx freight. This company is described as LTL or less than truck load carriers as the price is calculated based on the weight and percentage of the truck used for the shipment.

In this case, you will need to give the furniture weight calculation, your location zip code, the destination zip code and also the type of the furniture that you want to load so that you can get the exact furniture shipping quote. In this sense, you need to pick the shipping quote that suits your need. You can ask further information to the freight company about the package requirement or other information about the furniture shipping quotes.

If it is possible, you can take apart the furniture before you pack them. Then, pack your furniture with thick bubble wraps or cardboard boxes to keep your furniture in a good condition during the shipping. If your furniture is in a big size, you can use a wooden pallet after wrapping the furniture with the bubble wraps. You can purchase the wooden pallet from shipping company that you already booked by paying a little extra payment.

Don’t forget to write a label on your packed furniture such as your address, the location or address of destination and also the phone numbers. Then, wait the furniture to be loaded on the truck in the time that you’ve already agreed with the freight company.


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