Futon Beds IKEA: Frame and Bed Cover Designs

Futon beds IKEA surely give you a smart solution to your money and space because this type of bed is flexible to use. It means, they have double-functions: as sofa for your guests and as a bed for taking rest for a while. With having such furniture, you don’t have to buy another couch or sofa for welcoming your guests. This idea is so perfect for you guys who have limited space in your living room.

IKEA has great choices of color, style, and futon bed-frame. With these choices, the customers can choose the product and mattress that fit your preference and need. The futon beds IKEA provide ultimate comfort and style, so you can get these two benefits at the same time. Futon bed-frame designed by IKEA consists of two main types. The types are single futon bed-frame idea and standard futon bed-frame idea. Both are in folding version, so can use them as the seater and bed furniture as well.

As a seater, a futon bed needs to be folded like a seater. It has back-rest plus cushion which is actually the futon bed’s mattress. When you want to transform that seater into a futon bed, just unfold the folded part of frame and then set the mattress up like a mattress on bed. That’s so simple and easy, right?

Futon beds IKEA are provided in various sizes. The mattress used also varies in size, material, and cover. To know more about the products, please take a look in our gallery. Perhaps, one of them matches your preference.

Reference: www.ikea.com

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