Gain A ‘Love Earth’ Lifestyle with These Inspiring Eco-Friendly Home Concepts, Dare to Try It Out?

dining table with white tablecloth wood bench with throw blanket modern industrial pendants 91 Magazine

91 Magazine is still inspiring me personally. Today, I’ll share an eco-friendly and sustainable interior ideas I’ve found in Karen and Kirsty’s lovely home. This couple really concerns on how to get the homiest living space with beauty and minimal impact on the environment.

What’s in your mind when we talk about the interior design ideas with an eco-friendly concept? Maybe most people label it as the following images: boring and bland, colorless, repurposed, and old-school, bu this idea is a little bit different. It suprisingly style this home; there are many repurposed interior pieces but keep stylish and trendy. The homeowners did such a brilliant idea of home decor. They use more natural and sustainable materials for home. Even today, there are some retailer options producing eco-friendly and sustainable home products to fulfill Karen and Kirsty needs. Well, let following me to join today’s home tour and be ready to love each design.

One of the best ways to implement an eco-friendly home decor is by using the handmade interior pieces and here we’ve found a set of dining furniture with the handmade things. A couple of modern-industrial light fixtures installed in this room are so gorgeous and they play as the statement of room. The blanket on the wood bench also adds a dramatic look and perfectly complements the classic-way table look covered with repurposed tablecloth and grandma’s tablaware.

This bedroom reveals much of comfort supported with the layered linens on bed. I love the glass window and its trims; it’s a stated light ventilator that visually aesthetic and practical. It’s designed as similar as the bay window where we can put some decorative items like small potted greenery on it.

Reclaimed wood becomes one of perfect basic material for sustainable home concept and it’s also so stylish. Reclaimed wood finish offers natural texture and gets natural appeal much. Most interestingly, it adds a rustic look.

Greenery has key role in all eco-friendly homes. It helps to reconnect us to the nature. Through this idea, the homeowners try to exist the real nature in their home.

To help the nuance keeps natural and calming, the homeowners choose natural fragrance as the best alternative to spread fresh and exotic fragrance to the whole room. Kirsty and Karen add a soy-base candle stick that’s non-toxic and even recycled. If you’re interested in this, there are so many options of natural fragrance to try out. Just visit Orchard Cheshire, a popular online retailer that sells a lot of vegan candle sticks. The sticks are beautifully wrapped on vintage French jars.

It’s okay to just start an eco-friendly lifestyle by applying such a sustainable home decor idea. Inspired by some nature’s color shades, the furniture looks great in olive green. It perfectly blends with the sustainable wall paint and the existing houseplants. But most of all, I really love the light fixtures. They’re adorable.

And rattan is now the hottest trend in a sustainable and eco-friendly home decor idea. It’s recyclable and stylish. All rattan pieces can be natural statements to any home styles. This light and minimalist bedroom, for instance, clearly showcases lots of rattan highlights especially for decorative items like the lampshades and wall decors.

Bamboos are worthy used for a stylish and environment-friendly home concept. It’s also visually unique and easy to make by ourselves (easy DIY product).

I personally love this idea, especially the headboard. I see the naturally textured surface on it, the true texture of organic wooden complete with the original tone. When it’s applied in such a modern bedroom setting, it’s so stunning and of course adds a rustic touch.

It feels like we had a safari tour in home. A lot of nature-inspired we’ve found here and I really appreciate with all these interior pieces, particularly the great and artsy wall picture.

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