Get Antique Splash in Your Modern Interior Decor with This Victorian Charm

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When steping into a new home, instinctually you’ll feel the new energy. You’ll see the interiors first then you will know what to do next – staying or moving. From this you will decide to create your story – if staying, you’re gonna start to think about the personal pieces like decorative items, color hues, specific styles & designs, etc that can ‘speak’ to your personal experience living in this space. It’s then called ‘your history’.

With a professional interior designer assistance, here we want to share a fussion of all these elements to create a homey ‘heaven’ where you can escape from the boring world. Our pro interior designer will pick some Victorian charms that must add the truly stunning interiors. Let’s start reading and learning about this amazing interiors with splash of Victorian charms.

Dramatic-feel exists in this bathroom. Brass finishing, hardwood furniture, and clawfoot bathtub reveal some Victorian charms in this bathroom. I also really love the shower curtains. Semi-transparent fabrics allow us to look at the inner-space although the curtains cover up that space. Beautiful!

A unique interior setting with the addition of pop of colors as well as some Victorian touches. This is a perfect blend of Victorian and modern living space where we’ve finally find so-Victorian-items in this space. The most recognized one is the fireplace. It has obvious carvings rightly over the decorative glass vase.

Victorian style interior light fixture with hardmetal stand and carved glass lampshade


A grand lighting fixture really expressing Victorian appeal. You can add this piece to particular spots like nearest interior staircase that absolutely gives charming light effect to space around.

The curve applied for this bay window is adopted from Victorian-style architecture. The wall-sconces and floral motives found in throw pillows visually add more Victorian charms in this room. The final piece, the side table, showcases the obvious details of shape.

I may say that this spot exposes the major Victorian charms. You can find them in textile, patterns, colors, and materials. Velvet that covers up the seat, floral patterns on curtains, and hardwood closet really depict what we’re commonly discovering in most Victorian-style decors.

Victorian walls are commonly made of plaster and covered with floral-prints wallpapers. The floral prints include flowers, leaves, and even feathers. Just few of them are the animals, specifically the birds.

Heavy and full of details – these are other characteristics of Victorian furnishing pieces. The pieces are usually made of hardwood highlighted with handmade carvings and shapes.

Whimsical crystal chandelier as the Victorian accent in this modern hallway. It truly adds the value in this room. It looks glowing at the daylight yet warming at the blue-night. Beautiful!

Still about the Victorian accents. They might be such elegant wall art representing a-truly-Victorian-figure. Look at the artful painting. It has the greatest figure had probably been popular in that era. It looks so luxurious with well-carved gold frame.

modern seating area deep blue wall painting white black painting with thin frame deep magenta chairs with animal floral prints modern white side table modern floor lamp


Rich color and style. The deep blue color and magenta have brought elegance and vibrancy to this space. These colors also reveal what Victorian colors are meant – giving heavy & bold tone in this modern interior setting.

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