Get Minimalist Lifestyle with A Minimalist Decor Style for New Start

soft airy and minimalist dining space with natural wood dining furniture set soft toned area rug with tassels floor to ceiling draperies in white Pinterest

Minimalist lifestyle is popular right now and even it can be implemented through home decorating style. Konmari Method is just one of the most inspiring ones that can be adopted to accomplish the coziest-minimalist home décor. For designing your home with minimalist décor idea, you can consider several things such as the use of neutral color shades, uncluttered look, functional and aesthetic interior pieces, and clean look. That’s why most minimalist lovers should have the ability to manage their stuffs optimally, meaning that just take everything off the tables, shelves, etc, and just put some that are necessary. Now just check these minimalist décor ideas and be ready to get inspired.

ultra minimalist dressing room with wall mounted dressing table frameless mirror wood accent wall as the bag storage solution


The dressing room offers a simple-minimalist look supported with the clean lines and light-neutral shade furniture set. This exactly fits the whole interior concept that emphasizes airy, bright, and uncluttered space.

This is a new idea to create a casual sitting area in Scandinavian style. It simply uses a flat woven carpet and floor cushions as the essentials of room. It’s more perfect if you add a small fireplace for the next winter. I’m also impressed with the pendants that expose unique lantern-like lampshades. So stunning.

Minimalist décor style seems to never out of date and it always inspires us to accomplish the simple and minimalist look in home especially in the most private room like the bedroom. There are many ways to get the minimalist and simple look in our bedroom and one of them is by selecting the right color shades and furniture sets. Gray and white are always lovely and these are the easiest shade options that can help creating the minimalist, light, and airy room. The room would be clean look as well. The furniture option, in addition, should be simple yet functional.

What a classy interior! I really love the color shades used in this dining room. The combination of natural woods and whites leads to a clean yet textural look, creating a special character in the simplest way. Everything is set perfectly, even the draperies. They’re so elegant and bring a dramatic look to this space.

This looks different and the color shades are darkly pigmented, but I love it. Dominated with dark shades, this bathroom still offers a clean and minimalist look. Look at the walls; they are built in different materials and both are displaying the obvious texture that exactly makes the bathroom looks so fabulous.

The homey spot simply furnished with a sofa and several throw pillows. I’ve found a romantic vibe on the accessories added to this space. A couple of floor lanterns, for instance, obviously bring warmth and romance. Look at the skylight. It’s a perfect option when you need more natural light in the daylight.

This is another inspiration of simple-minimalist décor idea with pigmented shades. Purples and mustard seem to fit in this master bedroom and they visually blend well in creating a beautiful contrast in this room. A modern industrial pendant here also gives a new touch to this bedroom.

Very simple, clean, and functional, this kid’s bedroom is comfy and importantly meets what the kid wants. The color selection, for instance, is dominated by soft pink accentuated by gray. A corner pouffee is more than a decorative item; of course it also offers a perfect spot to relax.

A kitchen with unordinary color options. I personally like the colors; they’re so cool and able to bring a new atmosphere to this cooking area. The simple motifs on the backsplash also offer a modern look to this space; and the most interesting thing is the wood element that proves that the homeowner keeps loving the natural and reusable materials.

Concrete material can also be best option for a clean and minimalist interior. This interior staircase, for instance, is designed in simple and minimalist style. It has a series of metal railing system that’s functional and stylish. It’s genius to keep the original shade of concrete as the primary tone of interior. It visually creates a cool interior façade and the furniture choice also needs to be in the same shade for an optimal minimalist look.

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