Get More Style and Personal Charms to Your Home Interiors only with These Urban Outfitters’s Home-Lining Products

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As one of the world’s biggest brands, Urban Outfitters always gives a wide of inspiring arrivals of product for the customers in all over the world. To fulfill the customers’ need, here are some new arrivals of home-lining products probably you want to see. Designed with creativity, cultural-inclusion, and personal charm, these products hopefully will make you can’t wait to have one for your home. Join us to see more details of each product.

Urban Outfitters’ meadow hanging chair. The most interesting is the designer chooses macrame as the material. To make it safe, sturdy, and durable, this hanging chair has been supported with rattan frame that is fully covered with macrame. Creative.

Spice up your living room with this simple Ama modular sofa from Urban Outfitters. The sofa is completed with a comfy cushion in pastel. Feature the sofa with the tufted throw pillow exclusively provided by Urban Outfitters. It would be awesome if you highlight your living room with such a beautiful area rug.

Love clean, minimalist, and modern furniture for your bedroom? Camila bed frame is your best choice. The bed has an oval and raised headboard. The body is designed in platform bed concept with the tapered legs for a midcentury modern look.

Urban Outfitters has just released a bed frame product with unique look and texture. The bed is fully built from rattan. Its platform construction obviously brings a modern look; and the headboard looks gorgeous in oval.

Convertible sleep sofa. This is the best solution for a double-furniture need. The sofa offers you a practical way to transform an ordinary sofa into a functional bed. This is very recommended for you who frequently get visiting guests.

Oversized sofa in pastel. Basically, this sofa is designed without legs but keeps providing the coziness. Its simple design and pastel also bring a modern chic to any living room designs.

Woven tufted rug in gray. The product gives you a new experience of walking on softly textured surface. This is a way to spoil your bare foot only with the tufted surface and fringed trims.

Make your dirty clothes well-stored simply with this simple yet stylish canvas laundry bag. Its super-pale tone fits any color combination, including this black-white stripe linen. The round edge of canvas bag is accented with a beautiful macrame. This simple ornament has been an instant Boho touch.

Cage-like lounge chair originally built from rattan. The chair has a curve-shaped frame and cage strand on back. To accommodate more weight, the chair has been supported with the sturdy metal legs.

Want something dramatic yet beautiful for your window treatment? This curtain with ornate pompoms looks interesting to try. White is perfect color to mirror a simple yet stylish look. When the breeze comes up, of course this curtain will beautifully flown up and down, creating the nicest view in your room. The pompoms here are also obvious to see, at least they add bold tone to this crisp white curtain.

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