Girly Pink Color Accent for Homes, What Would It Be?

baby pink wall painted pink midcentury modern chair bold red side chair dark wood chair black finished wood rack tripod floor lamp Pinterest

Totally yes, pinks are cute and definitely related to young girls with full of fun, energy, motivation, and positive vibe. Sometimes, this too-girly color palette is identical with warm, gentle, but subtle in visualization.

It must be so interesting if we use this color palette for home designs, especially interiors and exteriors, and there have been lots of homes highlighted with this color. Here, through this page, you have the opportunity to adopt the ideas of pink accents for homes we want to share to you. Be ready to adore and let you get inspired.

Pink walll and pink chair? Why not? You can swipe up your favorite pink in your favorite pieces like your chair or wall, but remember to not use the same pink color palette. Make them different visually by picking the different shade from the same color root, pink; Lighter pink for walls and bolder one for the chair, for instance.

Make the bolder pink as the ‘contender’ and let it be color accent in room – at least there are two types of pink shades that are visually subtle but well-blended.

Look so subtle – the combination of matte-heavy pink and white here add a beautiful contrast in this living room. It feels more natural when the herringbone-patterned wood floors fill the room.

It’s clear that a simple color has changed this space. It looks bigger with this color mixture: solid pink-light pink – creating a gap derived from similar root of color, pink. This is a brilliant idea to add statement on wall. Light-tone furniture piece, in this case it’s the midcentury modern chair, becomes the real manifestation of how you can do improvement just through the color.

Textured splashes of pink accent – you can adopt this idea for a minimalist accent wall. This is an art you can create by yourself, and of course this would be the best DIY artwork you ever made for your home.

Pink color palette here has been effectively given a direct focal point on wall. Collaborating with blue, pink gives you a choice to select the furniture kinds and tones that visually fit this marvelous wall accent.

Let’s make a ‘fussy’ look on wall just by adding some creative arts on wall. These beautiful swans, for instance, gives visual attraction in room and of course it will make the space comfortable and aesthetic.

Feel comfy and calm atmosphere just with such soft pink color choice. The color totally highlights the space and you can add some pieces of furniture or ornaments as your favorite pairings.

dark pink velvet couch with wood structure dark pink velvet area rug solid gray wall paint


What a lovely pink. High-intense pink is perfectly covering this velvet-covered upholstery – adding the value of comfort as well as aesthetics in this modern living room. Another visual interest also appears when gray blends well with this poppy pink shade. Both give a contrast but stay in good balance – there is no color domination.

Leather is classic, but when designed in modern look, it would be a gorgeous and ultramodern piece. Like this one, it seems working when being combined with wood color and pink – creating a varied color pairing without lacking the character of each color element.

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