Have a Glass Front Refrigerator Residential in Your Home without Feeling like a Shop

Stainless steel refrigerator is the most popular design compared to others like glass front refrigerator. Most people might think that glass front refrigerator is much more like the one in a shop. Therefore, there are only few people want to have the same design as the one in a store. To give a stylish outlook, a front glass refrigerator special for resident is now available. So, do you want to take a look?

Actually, the original function of having a front glass refrigerator is to ease you checking what is inside the fixture. Therefore, just narrow glass accent on the door is truly useful for you because opening the door many times will increase the exlectricity bill!

Stacked on stone wall, a stainless front glass refrigerator looks gorgeous to show the goods inside. It is even more wonderful with drawers storage added beneath the glass door. Placed on wooden floor, everything is just adorable to have!

Another design is inserted within wooden cabinetry to juggle the small space. It strengthens that glass front door residential is a space saving furniture that you must have.

A free standing glass front refrigerator is another style you could envy. It looks gorgeous with two doors with all made of glass. I like to place it in the hallway, so everybody can reach it easily!

A simple glass front refrigerator residential appears in slim design that will suit your small kicthen. You are even allowed to add another slim design, so they will be looked like twin!

What do you think?

Reference: www.vignettedesign.net

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