Glass Front Refrigerator for Home Showcasing Shop Style in Private Retreat

You might find it easily and often in some shops, department stores and even a small coffee shop, but you might rarely look it at home. Yeah, glass front refrigerator is a brand new style that inserts a house with shop look. However, with modification here and there, don’t worry about missconception between your home and another shop outside. What do you think if we get closer touch to the design? Here we enjoy the picture!

The very first awesome glass front refrigerator for home looks cute with its small boxy shaped design. It is a compact stylish single door refrigerator design that will fulfill your cold baverage need at home. Don’t worry about the size because the small stuff is able to store plenty of cans!

Meanwhile, a luxurious glass front refrigerator takes place in a range of classic white kitchen cabinetry. It just fits the space left with adorable aluminum look. Again, it appears with its one door design, but there is additional storage beneath.

Mesmerizing a modern wooden kitchen design, it also adapts the outlook by covering the refrigerator with the same wooden tone. Awesome! Melting by the look of natural beige, the refrigerator flashes the nuance with transparent door that lets you know what’s inside!

Further, a combination of glass door and the solid one gives perfect decoration to a two doors glass front refrigerator. It looks luxurious with the wide size as well as the adorable combination. Inserted to a range of white cabinetry, you will never find it boring!


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