How to Add Green Accent in the Living Room – Some Tips

Once talking about the color of green, people always associate it with plants, leave and the most general is nature. Yeah, those all are true, but you miss something that is the essence of green. Yeah, it is the emotion evoked by green. It is fresh, youthful, spirit, and of course dynamic. There is no sorrow element in green, and you can add this color to any interior design including living room. then, you might wonder how to add green accent in the living room, here you can get the answers!

It is not always the wall that should be painted in green. In contrast, it is free for you which furniture, which part and which element that you want to have in green color. For a fresh tropical nuance living room, adding green accent to the white sofa is perfect. Take only some cushions in green with an additional green sofa aside.

Further, for easy and cheap maintenance, green accent on the wall is the most practical idea. you know that coloring the wall is much more cheaper than to always renew the furniture that cost double.

To cover your large floor to ceiling glass window, green curtain is perfect to spell the crowded feeling inside the room even it is closed. Together with some cushions on the modern sofa, I guess you can enjoy the atmosphere of living in a garden!

In addition, aside of those all ideas, green lighting on the wall shelves, green accent from indoor plants and also green colored furniture that other ideas of how to involve green in the interior!


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