Refreshing Go Green Design for Nursery

Designing a nursery for your baby can be complicated and stressful since you have to buy and arrange countless things. From the material of the furniture to small room decoration should be selected carefully to create healthy environment for him/her. Going green is the answer for the problem, especially for you who have limited budget since you can reuse old furniture and focus more on the finest interior. Many of you may have an opinion that creating an ecofriendly nursery is a hard task. However, it is actually a much simpler job than what you believe.

Starting from the wall, you can use ecofriendly wallpaper developed by Kimberly Lewis and Phillip Jeffries, instead of purchasing wallpapers made of many harmful materials. If you want to paint the wall, use paint that contains zero VOC or low VOC. Do not forget to choose soft colors with a bright, colorful accent for the wall because bold texture is important for baby’s development. For wall decoration, you can put animals’ pictures or tree mural for emphasizing the go green theme.

The flooring has the same importance as the wall. Avoid using wall-to-wall carpet because the glue used to install the carpet usually contains a lot of dangerous chemical substances for baby. As a replacement, you can use a rug that is made from natural materials. For the furniture, you can recycle your old furniture. However, if you are not sure if the old one fits with your baby’s need, you can purchase the new one. If you want to buy furniture, make sure that they are built and finished with nontoxic materials and met the safety standards.

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