Various Concept Design of Half Curtain Rods

You may have full rod for your curtain concept, but you also can use half curtain rod to decorate your window. Half curtain rod is simpler and easy to install it. There are so many half curtain rod design, it just like the full one. In this post, the writer would like to show you some pictures of half curtain rod that can be your inspiration.

Let us start from the first sample which is showed in the picture below. There is a nice small half rod with classic design. It has black color with wonderful cool design. The curtain used seems very attractive which uses wonderful soft cloth with adorable decoration black and white accent. Half curtain rod can also be made of wooden material. As you can see in the picture there is a nice smooth fine curtain rod which is made of wood. This is the best curtain rod for such a classic window decoration.

Or you can also have a nice classic half curtain rod which is made of metal or iron. The sample can be seen in the picture below. There is a nice metal half curtain rod and has adorable white and brown accent curtain design. This is perfect for modern window decoration anyway. The other rod has nice modern design which is made of glass design. This curtain rod is so special and rarely used by most people. This can be the best choice for you to have such a modern half curtain rod. Those half curtain rods have plain straight design. In fact, you can have other design which has nice curved half curtain rod. This is perfect such a modern and classic window design.


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