Haworth Very Task Chair That Offers the Comfy Home Office Space

If you spend most of your working time for sitting, having a comfy and healthy chair is necessary. As you may know, the wrong chair can cause a pain, especially in your back. So, it is better for you to replace your uncomfortable of chair with the comfortable and healthy one.

If you are still confused in choosing the comfy and healthy chairs for home office, then I recommend you to decorate Haworth very task chair which has comfy design and backseat. Thus, you can feel unlimited comfort in accomplishing your office job.

The very task chairs are available in various designs so that you can easily choose the style that is being your favorite. It fits well for any office room, such as in your office, conference room or home office. In addition, it also has seven optional colors with various trim and stylish base options.

The asymmetrical lumbar of this chair is the best feature of this chair. In addition, it has features such as four dimensional arms, seat depth, and seat height and tilts tension adjustment that will provide the extra comfort chair that you dream about.

Moreover, the very task chair has a versatile design which makes your home office or office appear exclusive and stylish. The material of this chair is 98% recyclable which is safe for the enviroment.

The Haworth very task chair has side to side torsion flex which enables the backrest follows the movement of the user so that they can feel the comfort when reaching an object.

Reference: www.haworth.com

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