Hello Kitty Wall Mirror for Adorable Rooms

Hello Kitty is a fictional character, which is known as Kitty White with Japanese Bobtail and a red ribbon on the left ear. This cute little character attracts millions of people. Even so many products resemble Hello Kitty and one of them is wall mirrors.

Hello Kitty wall mirrors are very suitable for girl’s room. The cute shape of Hello Kitty will give a sweet and adorable trace for the room. For example, this big and full Hello Kitty wall mirror with pink color of the border is combined with pink wall and blue cabinet. This nice and soft color combination makes the room fit for kids and young girls.

For the decoration of the bedroom, you can place the long and pink Hello Kitty wall mirror beside the bed with stripped pink wall. The color combination of pink and white between the bed, the wall, and the wall mirror offers a sweet and adorable room for relaxation to the girls.

You can not only decorate the bedroom, but also decorate the bathroom with Hello Kitty wall mirror. You can hang two Hello Kitty wall mirror with red border on the small squares wall. Combined with white and pink furniture, it creates a nice bathroom for the girls. Other choice is hanging the large and medium size, which connects as one wall mirror. The maroon color of the border combined with white furniture and soft pink wall creates an elegant and girly bathroom.

There are also another kinds and colors of Hello Kitty wall mirrors. Be creative in combining the colors and the furniture with the Hello Kitty wall mirrors, then you can create an adorable and nice room for the girls.

Reference: www.ultimatehomeideas.com

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