Highlight Your Kitchen Only By Re-Installing These Cool Kitchen Backsplash Ideas

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Kitchen is the second ‘home’ for people with huge interest in cooking or food styling, and this place should be cozy as these people can spend their hours here. Even today, kitchen in the open-space can be the alternative spot for working, welcoming and gathering the visiting guests, and even having fun moments with family. This is the reason why kitchen needs to style into the functional and stylish as well. We can do just a little renovation to get your dreamy kitchen and backsplash is the recommended part that needs to highlight. See the following ideas how to make your backsplash so stated.

Whitewashed finish seems so perfect for neutral space. It gives a textural color. The herringbone tiles here also contribute in adding a texture to the kitchen. Add vivid herbs for a fresher look.

Pick the playful and bold tiles for a stunning backsplash. The deep blue hexagon tiles are recommended for this. Pair it with organic wood element and white palette for a perfect contrast. A potted greenery here is just the ornate element but it gives another color accent to this kitchen.

hexagon tiled backsplash in soft neutral color palettes wood countertop


Still about hexagon but these are in neutral palettes. The palettes of gray, white, and black are creating the nicest random color combination, but the combination looks so soft visually. This is perfect to feature with natural wood.

So modern, coated in matte black herringbone tiles, the backsplash has been clean yet textural. It looks so perfect when combined with wood element (without any finishes). The ceiling lamps also have attracted me personally. They directly perform modern industrial appeal to this kitchen.

With hard-textured brick wall and backsplash, the whole space of kitchen really delivers an industrial look. This is also supported with the existing furniture and color palettes choice. At glance, it looks so mature and masculine.

A little bit gloss, this tile backsplash offers soft and clean look, really matching with existing white for a minimalist concept. The only poppy color makers are the ornate glassware and wood element on cabinets’ trims.

Concrete is the most perfect option for budget-friendly, stylish, modern, and durable backsplash. It also can fit any kitchen designs. The most favorite thing is that concrete finish can make the space looks so masculine accented with a distinctive texture and tone. With black, for instance, this kind of basic material will be softly dark yet warm, following the primary color palette used in the space.

Different with previous idea, we’re seeing the lighter and brighter kitchen design with concrete backsplash. The tone of backsplash is totally different with the previous picture and this is fairly affected by the tone existing in this room, wood color and light concrete (on floors). To add another bold tone, pick the brushed metal like this copper faucet.

For classic look, subway tiles are the good choice. With dark grouts, these tiles will be more obvious in look, creating a statement by their own way. Complete the backsplash with another white kitchenware such as white kitchen cabinets, countertop, and even white ornate items.

Really love Boho style and wanna apply it to your kitchen? Select this Boho tile product for your kitchen and see the adorable look. With the obvious white lines accent at the center of each tile, the green is beautifully sparkling, really enhancing a Boho statement.

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