Home Tour: Cool Interior Finds in This Midcentury Modern Cabin

open concept living room and eat in kitchen with gabled roofs and walls glass windows  midcentury modern furniture set Decoist

Living in town and having such a boring routine like working often bring a negative impact to our psychology. We need something new, fresh, and different to recharge our body and mind, and one of the best solution is hanging out to a place where we’ll find better atmosphere that can make us much more relaxed and fun. Getting a new cabin house and living in it seems to be a great idea for this. Well, I’ve collected and shared amazing interiors of cabin house I’ve got from my favorite website. This cabin house is called Hudson Woods and designed by Drew Lang, a great architect from Lang Architecture. If you’re so curious about the interiors, just check this out.

The cabin is designed in modern but still exposing the classic features of cabin in the woods. I see the use of natural wood as the basic materials (especially in the façade). The interior of bedroom is clean line and minimalist, really reflecting a modern décor style. The furniture choice also supports this.

What a perfect angle! Dining furniture set with a huge glass window as the background. Of course, the layout offers the best spot to visually grab the best views outside, especially the gardens.

Seen from outside, the cabin is warm, cozy, and homey; these are the things we commonly feel at home. This condition, of course, is supported with the best lighting choice that also brings style to all interiors of cabin. With the right lighting option, the cabin gives its glow in the middle of the dark woods.

I love this deck area; it can function as the perfect sitting area where we can enjoy the morning sun with morning coffee in our hand. Wood planks are perfectly covering the deck base, creating a firm, durable, sustainable, and affordable base. To give the best protection and style, the deck has been supported with modern railing system plus clear glass panels.

Fully finished in natural wood, the hallway showcases the classic features of traditional cabin. The space is merely furnished with a higher-leg console table for the greenery. On top, there is a small pendant with gold lampshade; at least it’s adding a new texture and tone to this space.

All people dream of the coziest spot to take a rest all night long and this master bedroom maybe one that meets people’s dream bedroom. White always becomes the favorite color for clean, simple, yet elegant look and it’s well implemented on the bedding set. The designer adds a little bit gray on the pillows and blanket for the beauty makers. Clear glass windows still fill the room and they are more than light ventilators; they are also the ‘frame’ to see around the garden or even the woods. So refreshing.

Well, we’ve moved to kitchen and eat-in kitchen. It’s simpler as it just consists of two main interior sites: kitchen set and eat-in kitchen. Black and wood colors are dominating this spot, obviously creating a contrast but in a good balance. Subway tile backsplash is timeless and the black, the color shade coating, really adds elegance in the simplest way.

In the other side, there is a living and dining space that are set side by side. Mixed furniture fills the living space by the purpose: hopefully giving more space for mobile. The sofa position here is so perfect to visually entertain everyone’s eyes who visiting this cabin. What are you feeling when you got the best experience of enjoying the best view of modern swimming pool and the woods behind it.

The fireplace is just an item that instantly brings you back to grandma’s home. Yes, this is important to accentuate the space where it’s dominated by modern façade and elements. I wanna say that this fireplace is the asset that reminds us about the old-fashioned things usually found in grandma’s home.

Small yet functional. This workspace is ideal for small homes and each furniture piece takes the essential role for a comfortable home office.

This dresser has stolen my heart. The design is simple but functional. Designed in midcentury modern style, this storage unit definitely gives you a new style as well as a modern statement to this bedroom. Make it more useful by optimizing its surface for small items like a nightstand lamp, book, and even ornate greenery.

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