Home Tour: Find A Dose of Inspiration through This Eclectic Home

vintage style armchair with light brown leather finishing blue throw pillow rattan stool multicolored floor pillow Style Me Pretty

When firstly I spot the kitchen, I directly know how lovely this home is. Then, I realize that the rest would be right choice for my home tour project as this home definitely offers much of comfort, warmth, and style. I bravely say that the homeowner still figures out the maintenance of style properly applied for home, and I see that she really love an eclectic home accented by a little bit industrial and vintage. The mixture undoubtedly brings the whole rooms much more alive. See full home tour version right here.

All furnishings are old-school but newly fabricated, starting from the seats to TV console table; but with a bit poppy color, they visually look fresher.

With the finest leather finishing, this armchair looks so authentic. It would be spectacular after a rattan stool complements it.

Yes, shabby look, in such style, is the biggest signature, and such a vivid colored sofa convincingly becomes the best match. With colors and patterns used in pillows, at least they’re giving more textural tones and really can make this seat stands out.

Just from the storage visual look, we can easily recognize that it’s old. It’s like a grandma’s piece still standing well in this dining room, but when we find the dining table, it’s freshly new and good in finishing. Such different level of style of course makes this home so unique.

Look so shabby but adorable. This prep.table gives us the chance to add more vintage touch in this kitchen, but the butcher block surface smoothly balance the existing visualization, at least making this table look newer.

The stools’ profile fit the whole kitchen setting, remaining us about a 50’s minibar commonly popular in few years backward.

Series of open shelves with hard metal supports – These obviously take a bit industrial influence that exposing more on pipe panelings & open shelving models as the main signatures. But this has been accentuated by more poppy pieces like decorative glasses.

It looks heavier. The homeowner prefers leather to other sheets due to its earthy tone and texture. These values provide ultimate comfort & style; also a perfect choice for family room. An old photograph behind the sofa is just a wall filler, but it helps adding an ornate wall art.

You get an eclectic bathroom easier just with these old and shabby pieces. Put them all rightly and now you’ve got what you dream of.

Yes, it’s lighter and more fun. This is a kids’ room. With kid-friendly layout, the homeowner just brings a little industrial touch to this room. It’s found in a metal rack and chained pendants.

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