Home Tour: See More Details of Barn & Willow’s Bedroom In Modern Bohemian Style

area rug with black diamond cut and classic crosses Barn And Willow

Inspired by Barn & Willow, this is a modern Bohemian bedroom design that offers the real comfort and style in one frame. I would try to share every detail of bedroom space starting from the primary elements of interior like furniture to complementary elements like draperies, colors, and even accessories. Here, you will be presented all things inside the space based on my point of view. Hopefully, this will give you a new reference and inspiration especially for your next bedroom redecorating project. Well, join with me now to review one by one of all aspects in this bedroom. Let’s get started right now.

The opening scene is the bedroom visualizing the bed furniture, glass windows plus draperies, and the exposed beams. At glance, the monochrome dominates this space. It’s clearly described from black bed frame and white interior facade. The bed treatment supports it, encouraging more that monochrome probably is the grand theme of bedroom.

Focusing on the hanging lamp, I honestly really adore it. It’s just like a cluster of little bulbs with a single lamp fitting; and the long-hang cable is really dramatic. It’s minimalist yet worth to display.

Gray is lovely color. It’s cool and warm visually. It’s simply light when combined with any color hues including the rustic tone like wood color. It’s exotic and modern as well.

Scandinav touch only with a white round-top side table. It’s a brilliant idea to add a different style to this modern bohemian bedroom, and Scandinavian seems the good choice for this. This piece of table is going to be stated one by its clean line design, color, and simplicity.

I just realized that the exposed beams can be a highlight for such a bright & airy bedroom. Finished in white, the beams are perfect complementary elements for the ceilings, giving more cohesiveness to the whole space.

Super cute! A table clock with ball head. The color is in the same color with the table; of course nothing’s special, but the clock’s head looks interesting due to the shape. Simple yet potentially stated.

Feel the atmosphere. It’s peaceful and relaxing. The condition of course is created by the perfect layout, furniture choice, interior facade, and color hues. This collaboration then helps to create positive vibes and moodiness.

Metal element here adds another texture and look, and the finishing makes it visually most obvious among other light tones, creating a stated contrast to the walls.

Sheer draperies are genius to choose for such a well-lighted bedroom. They can filter amount of natural light, so it will control the light intensity accessing the room, meaning that the draperies indirectly soften the filtered light, so the light will be softly dimmer.

Diamond-cut is a classic pattern and it looks good for any home-line products including the rugs. In this bedroom, the rug is beautifully accented with the diamond-cut featuring with classic crosses. Fantastic!

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