Home with Ikea Stereo Cabinet : Perfect Furniture

So many new songs in this current time, and your life is no longer meaningful with no time to listen to music. For some people, music is the part of their blood, and it may be stacked if there is no song to listen to. Aside of earphone, to have mini blast at home, you can buy a set of stereo! If you have already had one, then have you completed it with ikea stereo cabinet? It will perfect every single sound system that you have!

It is not only the big and the large one that will give perfect touch into your home? But, the one appearing in vintage style looks so adorable with its unfinished wooden material. The simple shape, boxy, is another plush to attack your interior with vintage look. A cool vintage ikea stereo cabinet!

Then, a long console table can be a stereo cabinet as well. The wooden white tone added to flash the beige one is so fascinating. It takes place under the tv set, so you must have it in your media room or even your bedroom. Isn’t it cool?

To fill the empty space aside the bedding of the bedroom, it is great to set your mini compo on a small white ikea stereo cabinet idea. aside of the stereo slot, the lower one will be a perfect storage for your books. awesome!

The next vintage idea comes with cute combination of white and beige tone of natural wood. It is the iron black legs that juggle the outlook to be so vintage! So appealing!

Reference: www.thrillist.com

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