The Best Concept of Honeycomb Floor Tile Design

Choosing the best flooring for our home is quite easy. Since, there are many floor tiles that you can apply at your house. One sample of tiles that you can apply is honeycomb floor tiles design. This floor tiles is quite attractive for home flooring design. However, this floor tile is only suitable to be applied for some room like bathroom and kitchen.

Let us take one sample from the picture, there is nice small bathroom which uses honeycomb tiles. The tiles are small enough, it is different from the common tiles. This honeycomb floor tile is very suitable for bathroom flooring idea. You can choose several accent for your honeycomb bathroom tile. For example, you can have white tile accent with black edge, or you can also apply the earth tone color such as brown color.

This honeycomb floor tile also has various size. You can choose as you wish whether you prefer the big one or the small one. The small honeycomb floor tile can be seen in the picture below. There is nice bathroom with tiny honeycomb tile with black and white accent. The color of this tile seems much matched with the wall accent nuance. The same of color of the floor and the wall accent is very adorable.

Instead of bathroom, you can also build your kitchen floor with this honeycomb concept. However, in order to apply such a honeycomb tile for the kitchen, you must not use the tiny tile though. For this concept, you should choose the bigger one for the kitchen floor design. Since, the big one is better and looks more adorable rather than the small one. You use the small tile when you have a room which is the floor always wet like bathroom. The kitchen is not wet room, so you can choose the big tile for this.

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