Horizontal Deck Railing: The Advantages and Disadvantages

Most horizontal deck railing owners do not take attention detail what actually the advantages and disadvantages are. In this opportunity, we are going to expose shortly about the numbers of advantages and disadvantages of horizontal deck railing.

A horizontal deck railing becomes the most favorite of deck railing model as it gives many benefits. First benefit is less in cost than vertical railing deck built. Compared to a vertical deck railing, a horizontal deck railing just needs less material for being constructed. This kind of deck railing also employs fewer connected elements/ hardware.

Second benefit is easy to build and to install. You merely require to put the pieces of hardware items altogether to build the horizontal deck rails. You can install by yourself, without requiring the labor or expert. The last benefit is a horizontal deck railing creates extra privacy for the owners. You are not free to view the outside completely as this kind of deck rail interrupt your vision toward outside views. This is, surely, convenient to you who require the privacy.

Then, what are the disadvantages of horizontal deck railing? It is more risks for users as it is lower safety, especially for the children. To minimize the risks or undesirable accident caused by horizontal deck railing structure, you can add a ladder-like construction to be used as the media of climbing. A horizontal deck railing is also special and good maintenance. A little part of deck rail gotten damaged, you must replace the whole length of horizontal deck railing. It means that you need extra budget to cover it. Horizontal deck railing is shorter in durability due to the sunlight and rain (especially the deck railing that is made from wood or metal kinds).

Reference: www.doityourself.com

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